What is a Ringworm?

As a common childhood condition, in 2010, millions of pediatric visits will involve childhood complaints of symptoms connected with ringworm. Unfortunately, for several children, an outbreak from the fungal infection, known as ringworm, might have persisted more than a lengthy time period, causing prolonged treatment. As parents, learning the symptoms and treatment of childhood ringworm may help out with reducing the length of suffering and shorten the treatment in child sufferers.

Ringworm can be a skin infection that appears like a red or brown, circular lesion. Ringworm can appear lighter inside the center so that it is look just like a ring. Despite its name, ringworm isn’t caused by a worm. It’s a result of fungal parasites which enable it to exist anywhere of the skin. Fungi are microorganisms that survive by feeding on skin tissue, hair and nails. Statistics indicate that about 20% in the population has ringworm or some form of fungal condition at any time.

Ringworm or Tinea does not have anything to do with worms. It is a fungal infection that’s characterized by the use of ring-shaped skin bumps or rashes. These reddish round-shaped rashes can impact the facial skin, neck, scalp, hands and groin. Athlete’s Foot is actually a specific form of ringworm that affects our feet.

If ringworm is not treated, it may remain as it’s forever or still multiple on the human body. Anti-fungal medication may be prescribed by a physician to get taken orally or applied – sometimes both. Natural remedies include bathing the affected areas with cotton balls soaked in unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, applying a paste of turmeric and basal oil, or applying lavender oil.

The characteristic symptom of this rash is the dry, raised round patch with is slightly red (hence the name ringworm). The round ring is normally flaky and bumpy. Sometimes blisters may be present. Usually since the rash grows the skin inside the circle become clear however it is far from the truth in numerous children. Not everyone will get a ring which is why it could possibly be challenging to diagnose.

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